Technical support provided within BelSEFF

Technical support provided within BelSEFF

In order to facilitate and speed up investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, BelSEFF provides free technical support to Belarusian companies applying to the Facility. Support for potential borrowers which have a clear project idea what investments they want to make is provided by means of consultancy and site visit to prepare preliminary screening to approve the project’s eligibility for funding.

Where a project requires additional studies the Project consultant offers free energy efficiency assessments and feasibility studies to help the potential borrower identify and customize the energy efficiency solution that best meets its needs and is eligible for BelSEFF.

After submitting an application form, a preliminary eligibility check of the project and applicant will be carried out, determining the eligibility, as well as technical and financial feasibility of the project. If the application is preliminary approved by both the Belarusian participating bank and the Project consultant, the potential borrower will be proposed to sign a Letter of Engagement thus accepting the facility terms and further process.

After the potential borrower signs the Letter of Engagement, the Project consultant will perform one of the following, depending on the type of the proposed project:

  • Energy Efficiency Assessment – for industrial and commercial energy efficiency project.
  • Rational Energy Utilization Plan (“REUP”) – for renewable energy project or well defined industrial and commercial energy efficiency project.

At the same time, the Belarusian participating bank will proceed with its standard loan pre-approval process.

The participating bank and the Project consultant will jointly obtain all relevant financial, technical and other information on the proposed project from the potential borrower and undertake site visits. The Energy Efficiency Assessment or Rational Energy Utilization Plan will be performed at the premises of the potential borrower and all related information will be treated in confidence. Only BelSEFF experts, the Belarusian participating bank, and the EBRD representatives will have access to this information.

Well defined projects can be approved without the Project consultant performing an Energy Efficiemcy Assessment or REUP. In this case the potential borrower is expected to provide detailed and consistent information and analyses sufficient to conclude on the eligibility of the proposed project for the facility.

After the Energy Efficiency Assessment or Rational Energy Utilization Plan is prepared and approved, the participating bank will finish its loan approval process and finalize the loan agreement documentation under BelSEFF. By signing the loan agreement, the borrower will be able to draw down the loan and implement measures/appliance/renewable technology.

Small scale projects (loans under USD 400,000) can be approved under the “LEME approach”, which is aimed at speeding up and simplifying the procedures for smaller energy efficiency projects. Eligible equipment for this approach can be found at . “LEME/LESI Catalogue”

The potential borrower, which intends to purchase equipment or implement measures noted in the LEME/LESI Catalogue, applies for loan to the participating bank. The bank will check the application against equipment and measures included in the LEME and pre-approved suppliers/installers included in the LESI, and will then proceed with its standard loan approval process.